Onuralp Kalleci – born in Turkey and studied in Kuleli Military High School and then attended Turkish Air Force Academy. His passion for flying replaced with the Tourism Industry and left military and started his tourism career as a tour guide and a Yachting Agent before he moved to USA and concluded his studies in USA. He is graduated from California State Polythechnic University Pomona with a bachelor degree on Hotel Management in 1998.

Due to his family arrangements, he came back to Turkey and run the Crystal Diving Company in Bodrum which he started the first underwater photography services in Turkey and worked as a Diving Instructor where he met with Murat Ozgul and Hakan Aksungur - current co-founders of LaranazUSA during this period.

Later on before he moved back to California - USA , he lead tour groups in different countries and after moving to USA, he started his own business as as a guide, driver, translator for the hotel guests that he used to work earlier in his community.

In 2012, he partnered with Murat & Hakan and became one of the co-founders of LaranazUSA. His expertise on local suppliers especially with hotels in California is a great asset.

“His character and service oriented approach makes everyone’s life easy, happy & satisfied. His ambition for helping & serving for the clients are impressive. If needed, he does not hesitate to jump on the vehicle and drive thousands of miles” said his partners.